Baseus -Baseus Mall VN Kích bình ô tô thế hệ mới Baseus Reboost Jump Starter tích hợp bộ chuyển đổi DC to AC 120V/50Hz (with Portable Energy Storage Power Supply AC 120V/50Hz – 100W)

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Baseus -Baseus Mall

  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh/14.8V/59.2Wh
  • Rated Capacity: 16000mAh
  • Input: 5V /3A; 9V /3A; 12 V/3A; 15V /3A; 20V/3A Max.
  • Type-C Output: 5V /3A; 9V /3A; 12V /3A; 15V /3A; 20V /3.25A Max.
  • USB Output: 4.5V /5A; 5V /4.5A; 5V /3A; 9V /3A; 12V /2.5A; 20V /1.5A Max.
  • DC Output: 12-16.8V/ 8A Max.
  • AC Output: 220V/ 100W 60Hz
  • Type-C+USB+DC+AC Total Output: 100W Max.

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Tiện ích ô tô  : Kích bình ô tô thế hệ mới Baseus Reboost Jump Starter tích hợp bộ chuyển đổi DC to AC 120V/50Hz (with Portable Energy Storage Power Supply AC 120V/50Hz – 100W)

Giới thiệu Bộ kích nguồn dùng cho xe ô tô Baseus ReBoost Jump Starter (220V/100W(CN+EU))

Jumpstart Immediately For 12V Diesel / Gasoline Cars
Throuah thousands of voltage and current measurements , the car can be jump started in a second when the car battery is low.

Applicable Vehicles
Sedans/SUVs/Commercial Vehicles/Minivans
Motorcycles/Pickup trucks/Electric cars

Charging Without Sockets
Emergency power supply for devices with rated power of less than 100W for daily use

1.Electric fans (20W)
Charge for about 150 minutes
2.Mini fridges (65W)
Charge for about 45 minutes
3.For ip Book 13.3 inches
Charge for about 2 times
4.For Phone Xs
Charge for about 5 times

Not Applicable to Chargingon Devices over 100W

Four-port Output
Suitable for jumpstarting cars / motorcycles and charging on digital devices

Note :
1. When multiple ports are used at the same time , it will be interrupted 2-3 times , and then it will work normally again, as It is an act of security protection for fast charging protocol identification and power distribution
2. Four output ports with rated output power of 100W (Max)
Charge on Phones and Tablets
With Type-c to Type-c fast charging cable

Jumpstart 20 Times after Charge Once
12V / 6.8L (Max.) asoline cars
12V / 5.5L (Max.) diesel cars

Pressure-proof and Explosion
Smart power management and safe charging /jumpstart

60C High Temperature Protection
The high-quality polymer lithium battery ensures normal jumpstart in the cold/high temperature.

Emergency Lighting as a Warning
One-key switching for constant light , SOS , and flash modes. Park the car to repair by the road -side in late night and turn on the emergency light as a warning to prevent secondary accidents

Upgraded Nine Security Protections
Pass multiple international certifications

3 Steps to Jumpstart

Connect the smart clip to the EC5 interface of the startup power supply.
(red and green lights flashalternately)

Clip the EC8 intelligent jumper clamps to the positive and negative terminals of the car battery respectively, and the clamps enter the working state with the green light normally on. (Red:+, Black: -)

Start the car and immediately remove the power supply after the car starts.

More Detailed Design

1. Dust-proof siliconecovers to prevent dust
2. Portable carrying handles can be used for hanging / carrying
3 . Anti-slip diagonal stripe design for a tight grip

Parts List

Packing Accessories

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